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3M™ Monolith- Full Zirconia Monolith Restorations

Monolith- Full Zirconia Monolith Restorations

3™ ESPE innovation, now brings you 3M TM Monolith, full contour Zirconia Restorations. This glazed Zirconia unit has no ceramic layering and gives you strength and asthetics of Zirconia with minimal tooth reduction.


  • Due to its high strength, 3M TM Monolith rstorations are suited for cases with only little inter occlusal space.
  • Now you can restore a tooth with a preparation of as little as 0.5mm occlusal reduction..
  • With Monolith you can offer patients with bruxisim a colored tooth and strong restoration (more than 1000 mpa, without porcelain overlay).
  • With 3M TM Monolith, you have an adequate tooth colored replacement of metal- occlusal PFM or full cost metal restorations for patients who demand a metal-free biocompatible and asthetic restoration.
  • Limited 5 yrs warranty.